Virus effects and finding normalcy

Posted by Aiste Zitnikaite on

By now Covid19 has most likely affected us all. These are unprecedented and uncertain times and as all of our collective anxiety rises, let us also be there for each other. Ironically, although we all need to keep a distance from each other and physically isolate, let us band together as a global community and try to get through this together.  Of course we all need to adopt the necessary practices to prevent the further spread of the virus - washing our hands, keeping a distance from each other, minimizing social activities to protect the most vulnerable. But let us also do what we can to help each other and keep a sense of normalcy. Check to see if certain neighbours can use a hand getting their groceries and daily essentials.  Support your local small businesses online if you can, they will suffer and so will the folks working service industry jobs. They have lost a way to earn their living for an indefinite future. As an owner of a small business myself, I know that tensions are high as we rely on a healthy economy to survive. Support the artists who are losing gigs and share their art on social media.  And also let us  just share our daily routines so we don't feel so isolated.  Perhaps now that going to the gym is not an option, you have a great work out we can all adopt. Share your favorite take out place in your neighborhood or perhaps you're cooking much more at home and discovered a new recipe we all would love to try. Maybe you decided to wear a favorite outfit for a special dinner at home (you know the kind you never get the right occasion to wear but why not just do it now), take a pic and share with your friends. Putting on a great outfit is a morality booster so why not share the feeling. Get outside and share photos of a hike in your neck of the woods. Now that traveling is limited, it might be nice to virtually travel with our friends across the globe.  We need to keep some normalcy throughout this crisis, and luckily we do have the technology to remain connected in all these other ways. So let's do it and support each other while we fight this virus globally.

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