April is Earth Month

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At it's core Devinto is a brand focused on sustainability and ethics therefore April is especially meaningful as it highlights these issues to the forefront. April 22nd is Earth Day and April 19th - 25th is Fashion Revolution Week

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Since Earth month is focused on preserving our planet for future generations, we thought it fitting to hear from our younger citizens. Meet Grace Cooney - she is a senior Barnstable High School student who has been virtually interning with us this year.  She is a twin, a varsity field hockey captain and has been sewing since she was 5 years old with the guidance of her grandmother. Grace is aspiring to become a fashion designer by further pursuing her education in the fashion field hopefully either at FIT or Pratt. She started the Fashion Design club at Barnstable High and has been eagerly working and learning with us at Devinto. Here's Grace's take on what April means to her.

Happy Earth Day!
Earth Day is a global event celebrated every year on April 22nd to support the environment and bring awareness to the environmental problems that continue to harm our planet each year. Earth Day brings awareness to the increasing pollution that is contaminating our earth. The fashion industry alone is responsible for 10% of all global carbon emissions, this is a result of the greenhouse gases generated from the manufacturing, production, and transportation elements of the fashion industry. The importance of Earth Day is to educate our community on what we have and what we stand to lose if we continue to act in ways that aren't environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. This annual event helps remind us that we need to take action and be more aware of what companies we are supporting now to help preserve our planet before it is too late. Our world needs transformational change; Earth Day does that by  holding sectors accountable for their role in the environmental crisis while also giving a platform for creative minds to launch new and innovative solutions, reducing the environmental impact these companies are responsible for.

Earth Day is the world's largest recruiter for the environmental movement with over 75,000 partners in over 190 countries. One such movement is Fashion Revolution, a global campaign to harness the creativity of our global community to find innovative solutions, specifically responding to the environmental impact the fashion industry is responsible for. This global event takes place for one week centered around Earth Day, from April 19th-25th each year. The campaign was launched in response to the Rana Plaza factory collapse which took place on April 24th, 2013. 1,138 people died in the collapse and many more were severely injured. The Rana Plaza housed factories that manufacture clothing for the biggest brands. Due to the growing trend of fast fashion, many manufacturing buildings were pressured to lower their prices to compete with others. With less income, these factories began to ignore common health regulations and the working conditions for the employees became very poor. After neglecting a problem in the foundation of the building, Rana Plaza collapsed killing many people, most being women. This was a very significant event because it brought global awareness to the terrible conditions the employees at the production warehouses were subjected to as well as the horrible environmental impact these manufacturing houses were creating. The Fashion Revolution campaign brings the community together to create a better fashion industry in hopes that nothing like this will happen again. Centering around the interconnectedness of human rights and rights of nature, Fashion Revolution innovatively gives voices to the unheard across the fashion supply chain. Participating in Earth Day and supporting causes like Fashion Revolution as well as ethically focused and eco-friendly companies is an active way of protecting workers’ rights across the globe, reducing your carbon footprint and joining the movement to restore our earth.

Thanks Grace for your informative blog! Join us along with Grace, eco-warriors  and other Fashion Revolutionaries by asking #whomademyclothes #whatsinmyclothes during Fashion Revolution week.

Find out more on Earth Day by visiting https://www.earthday.org/earth-day-2021/

Find out more on Fashion Revolution by visiting https://www.fashionrevolution.org/